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Sadie Lincoln, a celebrity fitness expert and creator of barre3, combines her favorite techniques featuring a unique sequence where every second counts for fast body-shaping results, improved core strength, and long-term postural benefits.

In the Philippines, barre3 was introduced by The Spa Wellness Director, Tanya Tan after falling in love with the workout. The first barre3 studio was launched in 2008 at The Spa Wellness at the Fort followed by Alabang in 2009. Currently there are studios also located in The Spa’s Rockwell, Shangri-la, TriNoma and Podium branches.

The studio set-up has 3 corners of the wall with barres, which is essential in the work out together with mats, dumbbells and fit balls. The cork flooring is both soft and sturdy, which protects the spine and joints during positions.

What is Barre3


Barre3 is a full-body mindful workout that delivers remarkable results from the inside out. You’ll be guided through sustained holds, muscle-burning micro- movements, and heart-pumping cardio bursts. The barre3 signature approach will leave you feeling balanced in body and empowered from within.


All our classes are open-level. First-timers and regulars follow a vigorous pace moving through a sequence of postures designed to shape and lift the entire body.


 Meet the barre3 team


“We are a group of teachers coming from different backgrounds. Physical education teachers, physical therapists, athletes, and others, committed to teach with passion”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are barre3 Online Workouts?

Barre3 Online Workouts are studio routines re-engineered for at home and on the go. Each 10-60 minute video is designed to shape, lift, and tone your entire body. Workouts are low impact and focus on isometric contractions and controlled actions for a tall, lean body and improved posture for long term results.

With barre3 Online Workouts, you get the latest innovations and variety from our studios in your own home! Plus, you get to work out in your PJs and on your own schedule! In studio you get a one to one connection with your instructor and the motivation that is so powerful in a group setting. All our studio classes are 60 minutes and set to amazing playlists. If you have a studio near you, we recommend going. Find a studio near you.

Once you sign up for barre3 online workouts, you will be charged $15 automatically each month unless you cancel. Cancel anytime.

Consistency is key for fast, body-shaping results.

How does barre3 transform the body?

The benefit we are most proud of is that clients have literally measured taller after taking barre3 classes. The benefits clients are most excited about is losing inches around their waists, hips, thighs, and upper arms! Barre3 really does shape and lift the entire body.

We connect mental health to physical health. Posture, for example, can impact your energy and mood. People who stand “tall and proud” with ease and have a nice balance between flexibility and strength are likely to be more energetic and positive.

For fast shaping results, commit to practicing at least 3 times per week. Consistency is key! Whether you have 10 minutes or 60 minutes, find time for yourself and get your workout in. You can even practice barre3 every day, just make sure you’re listening to your body’s wisdom.

Every person is different, so talk to your doctor to see what’s best for you. I supplement my barre3 practice by walking our dog and hiking with my family at least 3 times per week. Choose a variety of heart healthy activities that you enjoy and stick with them for a lifetime of wellness.

Who can benefit from barre3?

No experience or fitness level is required to practice barre3. We have clients in their 20s and their 70s sweating it out together at the barre. It doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete or if you haven’t exercised in years-you will be challenged at an appropriate level for you. Just try it for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean!

We are known for our modifications for common injuries. Clear your injuries with a physician before you begin barre3. We are not doctors. We are, however, passionate about helping you make barre3 your own so you can get a good safe workout when you are ready.

Consult with your physician during all stages of pregnancy to see if barre3 is appropriate for you. We have many pregnant clients who have great success with barre3 but they modify to make it an appropriate prenatal program. Every person is different and every pregnancy is different. Get familiar with modifications for pregnancy at home with our 40 minute Glow Pre-Natal online workout!

Yes! We get rave reviews from new moms. But, please consult with your doctor to determine a good time to start exercising again after having a baby. Once you are ready, this workout is designed to help you get your core strong again, shape your entire body, and lose the baby weight. Squeeze in a quick 10 minute postnatal online workout at home now!

Yes! And just so you know, philosophically we are committed to helping clients tap into their own body wisdom and learn techniques to improve posture. We do not believe in a one size fits all fitness method. Barre3 is flexible and can adapt to most needs. Start by trying barre3 Online Workouts. When you are ready, know that our studio community is diverse and accepting.

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