Total Body Lift Workout with creator of barre3, Sadie Lincoln.  Barre3 is designed to create the dancer’s body; long, lean and graceful. Drawing from the three disciplines of ballet barre3 work, yoga and Pilates, each class follows a specific sequence, with equal emphasis on balance, strength and flexibility. Every second in this workout counts for fast body shaping results and long term postural benefits.

Now you can experience these transformative benefits at home in this 40-minute barre3 Total Body Lift Workout. You will need a sturdy, waist-high chair, an exercise mat, a soft ball or rolled-up towel, and optional light, hand-held weights.


Standing Slim with Sadie Lincoln.  In this workout, Sadie pulls together her favorite go-to exercises designed to multi-task for a toned upper body, a lifted seat, shapely legs, and strong core. Easy to do on the go, Standing Slim is a client favorite because all you need is a waist-high surface. Every second counts for a fast body-shaping results.

Studio Shape with Sadie Lincoln.  Shape and lift your entire body with this popular studio-like workout. Sadie teaches using modifications and seamless transitions for a vigorous flow designed to challenge the novice and the seasoned practitioner alike.

barre3 Burner with Sadie Lincoln.  This workout keeps you moving for a continuous burn designed to shape your entire body. Time flies by as Sadie combines innovative isometric and dynamic exercises designed to strengthen and lengthen your entire body.

Ballet Boot Camp with Candace Ofcacek.  Developed originally for Prevention Magazine, we tested this fundamental barre3 workout on 15 women for one month with amazing results. Featuring barre3 client, Margueritte Kim, who participated in the challenge. Bonus 10: Ballet Core Strengthen your core and develop the graceful carriage of a dancer with this dynamic ballet – inspired workout.

barre3 Ballet Fit with Candace Ofcacek.  Grace meets athleticism in this total body toning workout. Expect postures inspired by ballet presented in a fresh way designed to create the dancer’s body: long, lean, and graceful. Candace breaks down the moves so they are easy to follow for fast body shaping results.